Concrete Flooring Repair

How to Correct Concrete Wear and Tear

Concrete wear often happens when flooring is exposed to overuse or to extreme conditions. Concrete wear is a natural process that occurs on all surfaces, but there are certain things that you can do to prevent concrete wear from eroding the floors and causing significant damage. While it may seem that concrete would not be subject to such damage, even the strongest of materials can experience occasional wear and tear, which may lead to the floors or concrete surfaces requiring repair or replacement.

Repairing Concrete Floors that have Cracks and Chips

Concrete wear can happen at any stage after the floor has been laid, but there are two particular vulnerabilities that concrete exhibits: cracking and chipping. With professional concrete repair and restoration services, you can have the cracks and chips repaired quickly and efficiently. Since the coating on concrete is durable and strong, spalling is a preferred method to help fill in new cracks and prevent further damage in the future. Spalling acts to reinstate your previous floor’s shine and consistency, and it is often a great way to upgrade concrete floors in need of repair.

Holes & Cracks being repaired Before Polishing During Polishing Finished Polished Floor


Restoring Uneven Concrete Floors and Surfaces

If your concrete surface are rough and in need of a repair, the smoothing of concrete through the use of sandblasting is often preferred. Sandblasting involves sanding away the rough or inconsistent portions of the floor or concrete surface to reveal a nice, smooth surface that looks brand new. While this process removes a layer of particles, this is often the best way to level out a concrete surface that has become raised and uneven over time.

Protecting Concrete Floors from Damage and Decay

Preventing cracks and chips from happening on concrete floors is challenging, but if you can reduce the amount of foot traffic on the floors, you will be able to prevent significant damage. Another great idea is to ensure that your concrete floors are covered with a thick, durable coating. You should also make sure that the concrete is laid by a professional so that it is level and even to begin with. If the concrete is laid in an uneven way, it will encourage cracking and eroding leading to an immediate need for concrete repair and restoration. Concrete wear is a natural process that occurs on every type of surface, and you can easily repair cracked or chipped concrete so that you can enjoy the look of a freshly refinished concrete floor. The costs of concrete are minimal compared to other flooring for garage floors.